has one goal - to make those engaged with bringing in new clients to architectural, engineering or construction companies successful. Some companies have business developers, while others rely on the principal or project managers and estimators to bring in the work. Whatever the case, we have the experience and the solutions to help you increase your business in the only way it can be done, and that is by getting more customers. We provide a variety of ways to help you close more deals!

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Business Development For Architecture, Engineering & Construction Markets

bd4aec Helps AEC Companies Get New Business

The Seminarsthat we offer is perfect for revitalizing firms. For example, you decide to bring in assistance in bringing in work, so you make the decision to hire you first ever Business Developer. This might be the perfect time for the owner of the company and the new B'er to attend the seminar so that there is a common base of information regarding building the new position. Marketing and planning is discussed with a reference to the business developers position and responsibilities. We also provide seminar training on strategic and business planning as there are very specific outlines that the construction industry should use.

The Business Development Ezine is an exclusive publication with information specifically for BD'ers. In each month's issue you'll find articles, surveys and competitive data to help you out perform your competition. Remember this, the firm that usually wins a project, wins because of two reasons; either their numbers are way off and as a result, makes them the attractive candidate, or a firm wins because they're better prepared. Your company will become more prosperous by going beyond the needs and wants of the prospect. That's why a business developer is so important in the AEC industry.


If you're serious about increasing profitability by getting more customers, then absolutely the best thing you can do is to join a non-competitive peer group composed of all those business professionals responsible for business development from around the United States who get together to share their challenges and their experience. The groups are facilitated by Ron McKenzie and Larry Silver. The two-day meeting held three times a year is designed to educate, challenge and to share in a trusted environment. Contact us immediately as each candidate is interviewed so they can be placed in the best group for them. 





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