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Peer Groups

"It was like having my very own Board of Directors. This was the very best investment that my company could have made, and for me, it's a tremendous resource where I can improve my skills and become even more of a valuable employee."
How BD Peers Work?

After a BD Peer Group is assembled, there will be a scheduled conference call between all of the members. Introductions are made and Ron and Larry will discuss in more detail what's in store for the members. An assignment is discussed regarding preparing some company information handouts for the first meeting. The meeting place and time will be verified. Initially, the first meeting will be in Las Vegas where hotels and accommodations  are readily accessible.

One business developer that received feed back from his peer group as to how to make changes to his presentations to engage the prospect. He reported back to the group at the next meeting and said that the advice made the difference in landing a very large project. He said,

How to get Started?

THE FIRST STEP is to indicate your interest by filling out the CONTACT US FORM and SUBMIT it to us. As soon as we have received your information, we’ll personally contact you and discuss your peer group goals, and answer any questions you may have. There is no obligation by filling out the FORM, we just want to make sure your questions are answered.
Cost of membership is an annual fee of $4,195.00 plus expenses. The firm receives a 15% discount for the second person.

THE SECOND STEP you will be sent a full statement as to the BD Peer Group Agreement and the Code of Ethics that apply to all members who join the group. Each peer group is custom designed to make sure that there are like companies. For example, it doesn't do any good to mix some small companies with large companies as the operations are so difficult. Plus, they must not be able to compete with each other as that would minimize in sharing best practices. Ron spent over seven years facilitating construction non-competing peer groups, so knows what works, and what doesn't work.

is to provide payment to reserve your seat. We will INVOICE your company once you have been accepted into the group. There is no upfront payment until a group is formed.

 is to secure your room reservations. The first Peer Group will be located in Las Vegas. Location, dates and times will be announced and rooms blocked out. However, it is your responsibility to secure

 is to take part in a conference call to meet your new peer group members. Also, you will receive a "homework" assignment to prepare for the meeting. Remember, a peer group becomes very much like a Board of Directors. The conference call will be about two weeks prior to the first meeting.

What if there was a group of non-competing business developers that come from all areas of the United States to share best practices? These are the BD4AEC Peer Groups, known as BD Peers. There are about 8 to 12 non-competing BD'ers in the group, and they are lead by two industry experts, Ron and Larry, in business development, marketing and planning.

That's what BD4AEC Peer Groups are all about. We help you become successful. Don't try and re-event the wheel! Larry and Ron have a wide range of experience in bringing in business and teaching others how to do it.

IF YOU THINK ABOUT THIS STATEMENT by Einstein, you'll start to see the wisdom of his words. People tend to do their tasks the same way they have always done them. But according to Einstein, who is a lot smarter than all of us put together, if you want to get a different result, then you must start looking at different ways of doing things.

The person responsible for bringing the work very often has no one to really talk to. You certainly can't talk to your competition. So what do you do if you want to improve, bring in more deals, and make more money?

Albert Einstein said that "Insanity is doing the same thing over-and-over again

and expecting different results."