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The BD'er should never lose touch with any prospect turned client. He/she should  maintain in contact as the project develops, during construction. and after construction. If the client becomes dissatisfied for some reason, he/she may be able to step in as they have developed a relationship based upon client.

To his shock, an expansion project had started and was being built by his major competitor. He immediately called his contact on his car phone, and found out that the facility manager he had worked with had left the company, and a new one had been hired. The new facility manager had brought in "his people" for the new expansion.

THE LESSONS TO BE LEARNEDis exactly what bd4aec is all about. Your job doesn't stop when the deal is signed. Actually, this BD'ers loss was two-fold; one, he had lost touch with the first facility manager who had moved on to another company, which means he was out of the loop if they did some work, and two, he lost the opportunity to work with the new facility manager. In fact, here's something that is KEY to your success.

                     is focused one strategic tactic that the AEC community constantly struggles with...

"How to get more Customers."

It's a simple as that.Remember the movie MONEYBALL? It was a story of the Oakland A's general manager (Brad Pitt) working with an ivy league economics major (Jonah Hill) as they tried to put together a winning team on a lean budget. They decided that they would not go after the expensive big name players, but instead, go after those players who had a record of getting on base.The tactic was clear, you must get a player on base before you have a chance to score. LIKEWISE, in order for an architect, or an engineer, or a contractor or sub-contractor to stay in business, they must get customers.

ONCE the BUSINESS DEVELOPER understands this dynamic, they will have a job for life. That's what bd4aec does; we help you get customers through a variety of resources we have established that both of us, Larry and Ron, have developed from experience and as consultants for almost thirty years in the business. We can ramp you up fast and give you the tools to be successful.

OUR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PEER GROUP's is the ultimate resource we provide. You will sit down three times a year with non-competitive business developers and exchange tactics and solutions - they become your Board of Director's and will guide you in your career and your business.

A BUSINESS DEVELOPER had spent a great deal of time working with a prospect to plan and build their new corporate facility in a brand new corporate business office park. The owner had found a good lot located deep in a cul-de-sac with room for expansion. The project had gone well and completed ahead of schedule.

After signing the deal, the BD'er went on with his job chasing new projects. Approximately a year after the completion of the cultesac project, he found himself again in the corporate business park and decided to drive through and see his former project. 

THE BD4AEC Ezineis an exclusive publication with information specifically for BD'ers. In each month's issue you will find articles, surveys and competitive data to help you out perform your competition.

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