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Business Development Ezine

The E-Zine is a monthly publication designed for all AEC professionals with the responsibility of bringing in more new customers with bigger sales potential.

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BD Peers

A Peer Group is where like professionals gather to exchange best practices in a non-competitive environment is with out doubt the best way for those people charged with business development to increase their knowledge, learn new sales skills and accept the challenges of the peer group. Each meeting includes a debriefing of what happened since the last time they all met, as well as setting goals and objectives at each meeting. The cost is $4,195 dollars per year.


Ron and Larry have been speaking at seminars and conventions for the last twenty years and they have a wealth of material to help those responsible for business development, as well as other areas of the business, such as marketing, business planning and strategic planning. Seminars are scheduled on a quarterly basis. The two day seminar costs $2,999 dollars. See PayPal for discount information.

In-House Business Development Training

Often there is a need to train several business developers within one company. A more efficient way to accomplish this is to hold a meeting in-house, or at a nearby facility, and we'll design a program to effectively address the issues you have. Contact us and we'll ask you a lot of questions as to your goals and objectives and develop a consulting fee that meets everyone's needs and budget.

Business Development Executive Search

Do you need a business developer? Larry Silver is the leading construction Executive Search firm in the United States with over fifteen years of experience of identifying the right candidate for your company. Contact us for more information.


bd4aec, a Division of COMPASS Consultants Corporation is a joint venture between Ron McKenzie and Larry Silver. Ron is president of COMPASS Consultants, a nationwide strategic planning company. He has developed well over one-hundred strategic, business and marketing plans, and has coached executives on business growth. Larry Silver is president of Contracting Marketing and has coached hundreds of companies as well as providing strategic planning services. They are both available to assist in your company's growth. Send us an email and we will contact you with more information, or go to their web sites at and

Strategic, Business and Marketing Plans

Business Plans concentrate on a variety of aspects within a business, and it usually dovetails into the company's marketing plan. What is sometimes missed is a Business Development Plan that outlines measurable actions and tactics. The value is enormous as it provides a way to start to develop intelligence on what works and what doesn't work. We can help prepare a plan to get you started.